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Use follow-up autoresponder marketing and newsletters to extract value from your customer relationships
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19 June 2012

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Every business in this world is based on relationships, and relationship building through emails is quite common these days. But if your business is large, you can’t personally entertain each and every mail you receive. Moreover, most of the business-profiles include sending some common introductory messages to the new clients. Manual handling of this follow-up task generally proves to be taxing, and time-taking. However, this can be efficiently done with the help of FollowUpExpert Business 4.0, which efficiently helps in increasing your business services. The program supports the users by providing a customized and automated reply to customers with some specific set of queries, and it also schedules follow-up emails to customers, after a certain period of time. It automates the whole process and makes the business deals easier for you.

The WYSIWYG editor makes it easier to form great-looking messages and sends them very fast. It has a user friendly interface. You can create both plain as well as HTML messages containing different colors and graphics without having knowledge about HTML. Using the name of the recipients, you can personalize the messages. It can be connected with internet and disconnect if needed. It is used to send quick messages and newsletters to the subscribers. As it is installed on your system, you have a full control on it. It protects the customers from receiving many looped messages. You can use this tool with any number of POP3 accounts and comes with the support of Gmail account. You can send any number of attachments with the messages. There is an option for advanced import of email addresses. It uses three kinds of reports to help you to make right decisions in marketing. Moreover there is no involvement of the third part ads to your mailings and also the email addresses of your customers are not accessed by anyone.

FollowUpExpert Business 4.0 is a proficient application to keep in contact with probable customers, clients and associates. It is rated with 3.5 points, as it is very useful for creating a professional business image and enormously useful in business expansion.

Publisher's description

Business slowing down because of recession? It is expensive to prospect and to develop new customers from scratch. Advertising, sales calls or telemarketing, and the customer's vendor approval processes all make new client development time and cost intensive.
Your existing customer base, however, is an asset that you already own. Email campaigns can help you extract new value from that asset.
FollowUpExpert is an easy-to-use Windows application that lets you run your email campaigns from your own PC and have a complete control over your mailing lists. It can automatically reply to incoming emails, send sequences of personalized follow-ups and newsletters.
It even lets you grow your lists using sign-up forms on your website and by tracking purchases made in your online store.
It's your own personal assistant that saves you from repetitive work. With its WYSIWYG editor it's easy to create great-looking messages and it sends them REAL fast.
And with more than 14 years of experience in online business the Xtreeme team is there to help you get the most value out of their product.
FollowUpExpert Business
FollowUpExpert Business
Version 4.5
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